Sponsor a Student

This project to help reduce the inevitable we see in our society. The gap between the poor and rich is widening everyday; it has become a major concern to the rich because they are surrounded by the very poor. The poor are uneducated, not knowledgeable in handicraft. The display of affluence is heightened in a very great dimension. Everyone is aspiring to live above poverty level. New public and private business place are opening up, the poor see the rate the rich are enjoying good life quality. The poorer families even encourage their children to make it by every means. The society is now highly polarised. We are now in a precarious situation that is not sustainable.

We are embarking in this project for those who can afford to sponsor a child by fostering them until they can go through their primary, secondary and even university education. This will improve the quality of life and provide the much needed trained labour for our society greatly.

On regular interactions, we will arrange an on-line face2face on-line meetings so that you can actually mentor your wards until they become matured.

No money will be requested by those in charge of the child, but all monies for tuition, books, excursion and social events shall be paid directly into school account on-line and e-receipt will be issued. This can be confirmed with ward in the school. Monitoring performance of your child/ward shall be on-line.

Regular face2face video conversations will be arranged. There will no moderation but an adult shall listen to the conversations so that there will not abuse of minors.

Profiles of the less-privileged pupils/students will be advertised for sponsorship. Any child that appeals to you can enjoy benevolence blessings. You will be privilege to meet your choice child on-line before agreeing on the sponsorship.

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